Standing In Lines For You To Fight Scalpers

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If you are sick of losing the opportunity to buy products because of greedy scalpers, fear not, we are here for the people who do not want to scalp but want a fair shot at getting the item they want.

We do that by watching the links you want, checking if other people were successful to find it, and adding items to your cart at the first chance. We also notify you that we have done so.

Limited time offer, as a part of our new start, get one week free trial instead of three days.

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Product Features

Perpetual sincerity out suspected necessary one but provision satisfied. Respect nothing use set waiting pursuit nay you looking.


No additional login info is required for the software.


Manifest file is public and you can see what websites we work on, we do not need any of your banking information to complete a purchase


The app is made with the latest technology and new sites will be added by request and progress which subscribers have access to.


The app is user friendly, following similar design to android and IOS apps.

About The Product

Perpetual sincerity out suspected necessary one but provision satisfied. Respect nothing use set waiting pursuit nay you looking.

Observe webpage automatically

the software will ask you for websites you want to be observed and only on those websites, only the HTML is observed to find out wheather or not the product is available yet.

Custom Refreshing time

Have a bad internet connection? Want to control how long it takes for the software to look at the webpage again? No problem, you can customise the refressh time easily.

Easy checkout and no additional access required

Everything is done with your account and we have no access to your actual account or orders so you are free to edit anything you want afterwards


Our Mission Statement

Our software tries to address the gap between the ability of people without a software background and people with a software background or those with a huge amount of capital to use scalpers and give a fair chance to every one with a minimum cost that will help us grow and move into additional websites and fields helping more and more people. The more people use the software the less the chance of scalpers being able to catch any inventory which is always a win in our vision.

Growing list of
Supported Companies

Amazon And Best Buy Automatic purchase

New Egg And Memory Express Automatic purchase

Subscribtion For 9.99 CAD$ a month.

Asked Questions

Perpetual sincerity out suspected necessary one but provision satisfied. Respect nothing use set waiting pursuit nay you looking.

Yes, we offer a free three day trial. Your purchase goes through stripe which is a secure method of payment many companies like amazon, shopify, etc use, so you can feel comfortable with your purchase.

No it is not, we have measures to prevent the use of the software for scalping. Any action that some users may take to do so is on their own and if a breach of agreement is found the liscence to the application can be revoked.

No data is captured, and even the scanned html is processed localy on your pc. The purchases are made on your behalf and after the purchase we have no control over your data or the order, just like a normal order.

We are not only offering a software but a live service that grows as more and more customers are added. We are working on adding more and more support for purchasing through different websites and also automating other online tasks that might be targeted by other bots so that ordinary people can have a change at these services with out writing their own bots and having a centerlized system that they can use.

Contact with us

We have tried to answer as many questiosn as possible but we know it is not completely possible to answer all of them so feel free to ask any additional questions you might have from us!

Contacting Methods

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